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Zane wrote:
> On Thu, 06 Nov 1997 20:31:08 -0800, Patrick <patrickl at> wrote:
> >The device was not motion sensitive. It was a timed device. If it had
> >been motion sensitive I might believe her story.
> Btw, I was sure I recalled reading somewhere that the bomb was
> motion-sensitive.  Here's what Barri had to say about it:
> "Another piece of information learned through the lawsuit is the exact
> make-up of the bomb. The evidence shows that, not only was the bomb
> completely and unambiguously hidden under Judi's car seat, but also
> that it was triggered by a motion device consisting of a large ball
> bearing that had to roll to connect two contact points. In other
> words, the bomb was a booby trap, set to explode when the car was
> driven.
> So, Patrick, it really is looking like a motion-sensitive device. If
> that turns out to be the case will you believe her story?
> Zane

The safety on this type of motion sensitive detonator is a pin that
contains the ball.  Could not the safety have not worked in transit, or
been faulty?  The rule with explosives is that what can go wrong,
usually will.
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