Blinding Kids??!!

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If more Americans were like you this country would not be in such
Daniel J. Lavigne wrote:
> Daniel J. Lavigne wrote:
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> > To the men, women, parents, teachers, politicians, civil servants,
> > children and all others who previously took pride in  their ability to
> >
> > say "Hello Neighbor! I'm from Eureka, California!":
> >
> > You  must not allow cowards to continue controlling your police force.
> >
> > Those so cowardly as to willingly dare to risk blinding young people
> > must not be allowed to control the policing of your community.
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> > As for US Representative Frank Riggs, the fool who believes his ilk
> > have
> > the right to do such sins; give him notice of your intentions with
> > regard to his fitness and ability to act in the  long term interests
> > and
> > safety of your familys.
>  Mark Denman <mdenman at> in Message-ID:
> <345E244D.5D6A at> responded:
> >Did I miss something? I never saw anybody blinded on *my* television. I
> >saw a gross misuse of pepper spray in a very ill-thought-out plan to
> >avoid physical force. I also didn't see any kids - I saw college age
> >young adults.
> >I guess we were watching different shows. You saw "kids" (which is
> meant
> >to evoke the image of pre-teens and which various groups have extended
> >all the way up to 24 years old (that's how Handguns Inc says that so
> >many "kids" are killed each year)) and I saw the truth. You saw them
> >being "blinded" and yet none of them are now blind.
> taxfree at (Daniel J. Lavigne) responds:
> We were watching the same report. Fortunately, my TV is somewhat dated
> and does not have a selective interpretation dispenser. One of the
> people who is being restrained by two thugs with a third rolling up her
> eye lids to swab her corneas with the chemical in question, each of
> which is much larger and visibly more muscular than she, appeared to be
> no more than 16 years of age. Were she somewhat older, even by 10 years,
> that age would not excuse the actions perpetrated upon her and her
> fellow dissidents.
> Punishment of prisoners or people under arrest is not an option for
> police officers.
> They are trained to use a minimum of force to  remove protesters from
> such situations. What would you next allow such "police officers" to do
> if the pain from applications to the eyes did not provided the desired
> response?
> Would you then have these "police officers" disrobe the dissidents and
> apply that chemical on and into their vaginas and anuses in order to
> obtain the "desired result"? How about forcing them to swallow that
> chemical? Why not allow them to inject all persons subject to police
> power with whatever substance such "police officers" feel is required to
> establish their "immediate supremacy"?
> Why not, Mark, simply allow "police officers" to lawfully shoot anyone
> who so much as dares to raise their voice with contempt?  Such actions
> are a daily part of life in America to-day because such as you, by the
> millions, will blind your own eyes to any thing that may tend to wake
> you from your cowardly lethargy.
> In Texas they use hot lead. In New York they use plunger handles. In
> other states kangaroo trials are used to great effect against minorities
> and dissidents. Canada is not alone in sentencing the innocent to life
> long terms in jails that are manned by the same type of evil that would
> endanger your eye sight. What would you allow your local police to use
> against members of your own family? When would you come to their
> assistance should a member of your family "unlawfully resist" such
> torture?
> Can you not yet identify the "desired result" of such "police
> actions"?!  Are you so lost to what is going on around you on a daily
> basis as to be unable note that the majority of your fellow citizens
> have lost all self-identity and the capacity to understand when
> something is drastically wrong?
> Can it be that you continue to pay taxes in support of societal insanity
> even though Decision T2020-88 of The Federal Court Of Canada - Trial
> Division recognized your unassailable right and concurrent and
> unavoidable duty to refuse to support societal insanity?
> Wake up Mark! There was no resistance on the part of the protesters
> other than pleas that the police officers act as human beings and
> whimpers of "please don't". For such pleas and brave determination you
> would allow such illegal and unlawful retribution?
> What would you have requested the "police officers" to do had the
> protesters told them to "Fuck Right Off You Cowardly Bastards And Deal
> With This The Right Way!"?  What then Mark? Wake Up!
> And Stay Awake! The event was filmed by the police in order to
> intimidate any other like minded protesters from attempting to
> participate in any similar act of civil disobedience against the rule of
> timber barons in Eureka  and Humboldt county. Timber barons, I add, who
> need their little salmon, Frank Riggs, to do the Washington wiggle for
> them with regard to their desire to profit from all remaining redwoods
> in California.
> Rules of conduct for police officers responding to such incidents have
> long been established. Placing of a chemical, little of which is
> scientifically known with regard to long term effects due to application
> to sensitive human tissue, directly onto and into the eyes of such
> dissidents is  cowardly, evil and must, in any nation professing to be
> subject to the rule of law,  be illegal; and especially so when none are
> offering any resistance!
> With the advent of portable "pulse lasers" capable of blinding people;
> American minorities and those who would act against societal insanity
> and injustice will soon have to be willing to lose their sight for their
> ideals. Fired from afar by "police officers" with no concept of duty,
> nearby witnesses of the protests will be unable to identify the cowards
> who so attacked the protesters.  Should such "police officers" be
> discovered, they will rely on jurys formed by such as yourself to praise
> them for listening to "orders".
> Due to the existence of numerous "police officers" willing to use such
> weaponry, your "masters",  Mark,  will then hope that all such
> protesters, our planetary consciences, will lose sight of their ideals
> and never again provide the balance of public dissent which now limits
> the hope and greed of the bastards of our world! Wake Up Mark!
> That is what America has to look forward to should the thugs who did
> that foul deed be exonerated, bemedalled and promoted for that vile and
> cowardly act.
> Less than 150 years ago, friends and family of those so attacked would
> have challenged the uniformed cowards to a duel. Others within the
> constabulary would have insisted that the cowards among them face that
> duel or leave town!
> Now, everyone is one their own! And due to that sad situation, cowards
> will always side with "the powers that be" regardless that every fibre
> of their being will scream at that them that they intervene to prevent
> the toture!
> Woe be America!
> It is but a few short years to suffering its own "politically missing
> children" a la Argentina, Chile and all other countrys that allowed
> their police to be trained at "The School Of The Americas"!   Wake Up
> Mark!
> To a safer, saner world. To Duty.
> Daniel J. Lavigne
> Founder Co-ordinator
> International Humanity House
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> To Duty
> What is one’s duty,  when acknowledging a threat
> That would destroy all beauty,
> Even steal childrens’ breath?
> Does therein lie evil in avoiding a way
> That forces the matter, that builds to a day
> When humanity shatters greed’s guilty ways?
> Copyright. Daniel J. Lavigne, February 21/88
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