Terms of the Trade

ripguy ripguy at firstdial.com
Sat Nov 8 00:59:05 EST 1997

jostnix at aol.com wrote:

> Random Lengths published a book called Terms of the Trade (it is for
> sale on Amazon).  I was wondering if there was a glossary of terms on
> the forest industry terms...flitch, cant, scragg saw, hook, choker,
> gullet...you get the picture.
> Forestry has a unique language of its own and the forest products
> industry has terms even more unique.  Can anyone help on this?
> Steve Nix, Alabama Registered Forester #745
> Steve Nix, Forestry Guide
> forestry.guide at miningco.com
> http://forestry.miningco.com

  Might not be exactly what you're looking for, but take a look at
Lumberjack Lingo...A Dictionary of the Logging Era, by L.G. Sorden and
Jaque Vallier. Published by North Word, Inc. 1986

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