Pepper Spray - No Big Deal...

Zane z_thomas at
Sat Nov 8 00:13:44 EST 1997

On Fri, 07 Nov 1997 18:09:54 -0800, Patrick <patrickl at> wrote:

>Zane, if what Barri's attorney is claiming is true, and of course true
>is the operative word here, then I would be willing to concede that
>there might be some truth that the bomb was planted to get her.

Good, looks like we're making progress.

>The information that has been received by ordinance disposal personnel
>is that this device was not motion sensitive.

What information, which personel?

>I also hope you are aware that distortions of the truth and out 
>and out lies are common place in lawsuits.

Geez, thought I gave enough caveats with my quote.  Of course I know
that.  I did a quick for source docs upon which Barri might
be basing her statement, but didn't find any.  Neither did I find any
documentation to the contrary.


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