Pepper Spray - No Big Deal...

Patrick Martin *bdrline at
Sat Nov 8 12:44:11 EST 1997

On Fri, 07 Nov 1997 18:36:48 GMT, z_thomas at (Zane) wrote:

>On 7 Nov 1997 16:26:21 GMT, *bdrline at (Patrick Martin) wrote:
>>NoCal mill worker nearly had his head ripped off a few years back when
>>applying his saw to one of many EF¿ spiked trees.
>Ok, so you really aren't reading what I write - just as I suspected.
>I already mentioned that the worker (in the Scotia LP mill) you refer
>to laid the blame on a faulty blade which he had previously notified
>his supervisor was dangerously in need of replacement/repair.

So let's see: a previously reported faulty blade strikes a spike in
timber it's cutting, and explodes, nearly ripping mill workers head
from body...

Bottom line: tree spiking = act of TERRORISM.

Read a definition of TERRORISM, would ya "Zane"...

Many of us know EF¿ folks spent much time "seducing" this mill worker
a few weeks after this incident, to "paint" a different picture...

Bottom line 2: Saw exploded because it struck spiked timber, EF¿ers
were bragging about spiking timers in stand and nearby where this tree
was harvested from - all this happened simultaneously...

Blame this on a poorly maintained saw blade if you like, and I'm sure
you will (always attempts at painting untruthful pictures!) - however,
saw blade exploded BECAUSE it struck a spike, we've got video
reporting that addresses the issue on live web pages.


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