Lets educate the world about forestry- charge into the future!

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Sat Nov 8 11:52:00 EST 1997

Timothy Hunley wrote:
> This is an excellent idea that has great potential for anyone interested
> in Forestry.  You may be surprised at the response you generate if the
> forum is kept open to all interests.

Thanks. During my next slow period I'll kick start this idea and see
what happens.

> I'm sure that the internet has unrealized potential for expanding
> knowlege and co-operation among different groups.  I will gladly help
> out all I can with my 1  1/2  cents worth.  I Have two years
> professional forestry education ( university of Montana), forestry aid
> for the US Forest service (Idaho) and owned my own TSI contracting firm
> (PA and OH)  I have mud on my boots.
> Good Luck!!!

Well, then just go write something! <G> Or have anyone in your forestry
association do something. Looks like you have a good cross section. No
reason we  couldn't all put together hundreds of essays. And then we'll
have to add a search engine so someone can find what they want; from the
combined brain power of the elite of the elite. <G>

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