Sustainability in Sweden

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sat Nov 8 07:37:36 EST 1997

Nick Ananin wrote:
> In a message to Nick:
> "The balancing of economical vs environmental values of our forests are hot
> topics here in Sweden.
>  The coop that we belong to has recently decided not to take part in the
> certification programme of the FSC.The reason is that we believe that this
> system is really designed for  big companies in  the tropics and not for us
> little guys in the temperate zone. Besides, the economical draw-backs would
> have been substantial as one would have had to set 15% or so of the forest
> not to be touched at all.

It seems to me that a fixed amount to set aside (15%) seems way to
arbitrary. It may be that a property is very boring except for a very
interesting 5% and by setting that aside, much good is accomplished. One
of my clients has a 800 acre site (duh... don't ask in hectare- we
Americans are too dumb for that stuff <G>). Most is ordinary except for
a 5 acre "virgin" forest of 400 year old Hemlock down near a very
interesting stream. No reason to "preserve" most of the rest of the
forest. On another 600 ac. forest, the landowner has picked many small
areas to preserve and I work around those. The total is not 15% of the
effect is great because of the location and uniqueness of those areas.

> Sustainability is not much of an issue here as,since 1905,we have a law
> compelling you to plant whereever you have clear-cut.If your planting fails
> you`re liable for a heavy fine unless you plant again."
> --
> Nick Ananin , Vision Forestry, Aberdeen, Scotland

It would be ecologically interesting to see what your land will do when
you don't plant. Leaving some acres to self plant should help give more
diversity. Are there any old growth forests in Sweden? Any old growth in
the British Isles?

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