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>  As I recall, materials used in bomb
> construction were found in Judi's house when police went thru it.

Actually, the utterly absurd case from the very beginning against Cherney
and Bari was dropped due to an total lack of evidence. The lack of
evidence was not surprising given the fact that they had absolutely
nothing to do with blowing themselves up.

Interestingly, more promising substantial leads, such as actual numerous
death threats against Bari have never been followed up on. In fact, they
have been stubbornly and inexplicably igonored.

I have skimmed through this thread, and there seems to be a lot of total
bullshit (such as the device *was* a MOTION triggered device) about this
case put forth by a Mr. Patrick Chickas (sp?) . If anyone would like to
get an accurate idea of what really happened, I suggest reading the
chapter titled "The Earth First! Car Bombing" in Judi Bari's 1994 book,
"Timber Wars".

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