Pepper Spray - No Big Deal...

Patrick patrickl at
Sun Nov 9 06:28:01 EST 1997

Kirk Johnson wrote:

> bullshit (such as the device *was* a MOTION triggered device) about this
> case put forth by a Mr. Patrick Chickas (sp?) 

Well, thank you Kirk. If you have direct information on the type of
device it was I would appreciate you posting it here. I ->never<- said
it was a MOTION triggered device, ZANE said it. My information was that
it was ->not<- a motion triggered device, but ZANE states that in
documents filed by Barri's attorney with the court, Barri claims that
they had discovered in FBI documents that the device was motion
sensitive. ZANE posted an article he found on this topic and it
indicated that the trigger was a ball-bearing/pipe type of tilt switch.

My argument all along has been that a motion sensitive device in her car
was a stupid idea. Again please share with us what you have. I will keep
an open mind. Ordinance disposal is one of those areas that is near and
dear to my heart.

Patrick   (No Mr. is necessary)

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