Bill to end logging on federal lands introduced to congress HR 2789

Darren J. Young dyoung at
Mon Nov 10 02:02:19 EST 1997

In article <6444nn$i32$1 at>, mike at says...
> <Picture>On October 31, 1997, an end to the destructive and wasteful 
> timber sales program on our National Forests, National Wildlife Refuges, 
> and BLM lands has come one step closer to completion. Rep. Cynthia 
> McKinney (D-Georgia) and Rep. Jim Leach (R-Iowa) have introduced 
> landmark bi-partisan legislation that will finally protect and restore 

---garbage deleted---

> federal lands. The list of original co-sponsors includes Bob Filner 
> (D-CA), Pete Stark (D-CA), Jim McDermott (D-WA), Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), 
> John Lewis (D-GA), George Brown (D-CA), Julian Dixon (D-CA) and Henry 
> Waxman (D-CA). 

Bi-partisan my ass.  Look at the authors.  There's only 1 republican and 
he's from Iowa. A fact which speaks for itself.

Largest chainsaw massacre in history.  Get real.  The entire UP was once 
cut over and now it's not.  How can this then be the "largest"?

Who ever types this crap up should hire a professional writer.

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