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Sun Nov 9 22:11:14 EST 1997

ForestFair wrote:
> Today was our bid opening day, for a 74,300 Bd.Ft. harvest on part of our
>  woodlot, and the results were good.
> There was one bid from an out-of-state mill that did not inspect the property,
>  even though the Notice of Timber Sale said "Because of the extensive road
>  layout and scattered location of the forest stands on the property, making the
>  showing will be helpful in preparing your bid."  The property is not one that
>  can be eyeballed from the road, either.
> Does it often happen that loggers will bid on a job sight unseen, having been
>  warned that it might not be an ordinary job?   This firm had not worked with
>  our consulting forester in the past, so he didn't have that experience to
>  guide him.
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Not unusual, but if they have no experience with your forester they took
a gamble.  Of course, they may have been on the property; without your
knowledge, also not unheard of from company folks.

What species did you sell?
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