Logging on our National Forests

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Mon Nov 10 11:31:29 EST 1997

Darren J. Young wrote:
> > Private forest lands in America can indeed carry the burdon of producing
> > what's needed because the vast majority of private land in America is
> > POORLY managed.
> So are you saying that because it's poorly managed it produces more than
> had it been managed responsibly?  You're not making any sense.

Read more carefully, he is saying that the private land CAN, if managed
properly, pick up any slack and stabilize the wood market.  Private
landowners own 57% of the national wood lands, produce  48% of the
harvest.  In my area average stocking on private lands is half that of
industrial, one third that of fed or state lands.  Company lands have
15% of the wood lands, yet produce 31% of the harvest.  Simple logic
says that if the private sector increased production by half, at a rate
of 3/4's that of industrial (taking into account environmental and
ecological issues that the companies don't worry about), the loss of
federal lands production would be insignificant
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