forestry in the former Soviet Union?

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Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> This newsgroup has been getting messages from the British Isles and
> Scandinavia but I don't recall any from the former Soviet republics. Any
> former Soviets out there? Are you lurking? Speak up- you can do that now
> without being sent on a long vacation to Siberia. <G>
> In another message Anders Axelsson mentioned the Baltic republics which
> got me thinking about this.
> How has the forest industry changed in Russia and the Baltics (meaning
> Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) since the breakup of the "evil empire"?
> What about forest product trade links with the rest of Europe?
> I know local lumbermen who have visited Finland and said that the
> Finnish sawmills are 15 years more advanced than American sawmills. Is
> this advanced technology going to move to the Russian forests now that
> Russia is semi-capitalistic? If the great Russian forests increase
> productivity what will be the effect on the wood markets in northern
> Europe?
We had one Russian on for about two posts, english seemed to be the

I take humbridge to the Fin sawmills being more advanced, I have seen
one or two of the north European mills, and where they are modern and up
to date, nothing special beyond what we have here.  The Scandanavians
tend to upgrade more often than American mills, but the technology is
not that different.  We have a Scandanavian multiple band saw (slash
gang) that has been in place about 6 years that is up dated annually by
the firm that sold it, top grade, top technology, in a private owned
mill near here.  As the nature of our raw stock changes, the technology
and upgrades will kill any real or imagined difference in technology.
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