Bill to end logging on federal lands introduced to congress HR 2789

Wayne "wmoul" at ball\
Mon Nov 10 11:07:35 EST 1997

Muskie wrote:
> Forest Alert 10/31/1997
> Bill to end Timber Sales Program on our National Forests Introduced in
> Congress
> <Picture>On October 31, 1997, an end to the destructive and wasteful
> timber sales program on our National Forests, National Wildlife >Refuges,

(snip a ton of trash we have all seen)

So where is the enrollment number? If you realy have a bill before
congress it has an enrollment number so we can all search on thomas

and find it. I keep seing this rant on a collection of NG's from
severall people and never an enrollment number. No number, no bill. If
you have an enrollment number please post it for the world to see.
Lacking an enrollment number I must conclude that someone is blowing


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