Bill to end logging on federal lands introduced to congress HR 2789

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>> How is the forest supposed to remain healthy if we continue to suppress natural
>>  fires *and* don't cut diseased/infexted trees out?
>So were the forests ill when the Pilgrams showed up?

I wouldn't get into the argument of whether they were ill or not ill.  
What they weren't was unmanaged.  The tribes in New England used a system
of controlled burning, which sometimes got out of control, to leave the
large overstory trees and clear the brush underneath so that they could 
farm and travel.  The land wasn't clear-cut, but it wasn't all left to
its own devices, either.  

"Suppressing natural fires" tends not to me much of an issue here, not
anything like it is out west.  Even in a dry year, there's a fair amount
of moisture, and brushfires (it's hard to call them "forest fires") have
always tended to be set by humans.  At that, it's hard to argue that
they're unhealthy _in moderation_.  

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