Has anyone ever thought of this?

Jurgen Ziesmann ziesmann at mpi-seewiesen.mpg.de
Mon Nov 10 02:32:55 EST 1997

Charles R. Hunter wrote:
> I don't normally read this group, and I'm sure I'll be flamed for
> what I'm about to say, but hell... I don't care.

Do not underestimate the patience some people have with other people;-)

> Why don't all the people who are concerned with the cutting of trees
> get together in a group, or even in many small groups and buy up
> property. Knock down whatever buildings are on the property
> and plant as many trees as you possibly can.
> Get some lawyer to writ up some contracts ( on recycled paper of > course) that the owning parties may never sell or lease  the land for > purpose of chopping down the trees.

I can not get rid of the feeling, you are cynical. But: what you say
other people already did and still do. I know European groups buying
thousands of square kilometers of rainforest simply to protect it from
> There... you're happy, they're happy and I'm happy.
No, they are not happy - in spite of their efforts also this year an
area half the size of Bavaria is logged down. In 20 years half of the
rainforest will have gone, and with it hundereds of thousands of animal

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Let me allow a question: what are you personally doing for the
environment? Have you ever put effort in a case, that will not yield
profit to you?


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