Bill to end logging on federal lands introduced to congress HR 2789

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Mon Nov 10 03:56:31 EST 1997

LISARanger wrote:

> Clear cutting and other destructive practices should not be allowed, but
>  salvage logging in am enviroment that has been altered, can improve the health
>  of the forest.  The trick is to properly manage the sale.  When I worked on
>  the Sequioa National Forest, our salvage sales were very strictly monitored
>  and worked very well.

Well, I won't argue with this as I personally am a forester! And I
actually have done a few small clearcuts (about 5 acres). So, I don't
support a law banning all logging in the National Forests; only in those
old growth areas that are favored by recreationists.

Are you currently working the woods? <G>

BTW, I've tried to also get this thread into the 2 forestry groups so
I've added them to the header; I'd appreciate if others responding to
other branches of the thread add them also; to get those terrible
redneck forest rapers involved with the discussion. <G>

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