Sediment loads in mature 2nd growth watersheds

John Harms jharms at
Tue Nov 11 03:03:54 EST 1997

I've sent a similar query to sci.geo.geology, alt.forestry, and
sci.geo.hydrology, so I apologize for the cross-postings...

I am conducting a literature search in order to examine sediment loads of
streams which run through mature, 2nd growth forests (> 15-20 years post
harvest) versus streams which primarily flow through old growth or
relatively undisturbed forest.  The focus is to shed some light on the
chronic/long-term effects of forest harvest on sediment load.

Considerable literature exists regarding sediment input immediately
following forest harvest, however there is much less information pertinent
to streams many years after they have re-vegetated.  Articles by Beschta,
Grant & Wolff, and Murphy have been helpful.  References to other articles
or symposia proceedings and gray literature would be most appreciated.  If
this query turns up any pertinent articles, I'd be pleased to post them to
the newsgroup, should folks be interested.

John Harms
Marine Resource Management
Oregon State University

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