Logging on our National Forests

Larry Caldwell larryc at teleport.com
Tue Nov 11 16:27:30 EST 1997

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> Read more carefully, he is saying that the private land CAN, if managed
> properly, pick up any slack and stabilize the wood market.  Private

That has certainly been the case since harvesting was virtually shut down
on federal lands.  However, it has been at the expense of sustainability
on private lands.  Because of high stumpage prices, private timber is being
cut much faster than it is growing.  This is as short sighted as the 
overcut on federal lands was 15 years ago.  

The national forests will eventually recover and move back into production,
but they need a rest for a while.  Within 20 years we're going to be facing
a serious wood shortage from private lands.  

The political approach to forest management is idiotic.  Politicians don't
last that long.  The in group will be the out group 30 years later, and
30 years is only a fraction of the harvest cycle of a forest.  The best
thing would be to remove management of the national forests from the 
political arena entirely, but I've never yet seen a politician give up
a power of any kind.

-- Larry

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