Siberian Sawlogs and Sawntimber - Larch and Repine

V Rajagopalan - "gopal" agiv at
Tue Nov 11 08:47:39 EST 1997

We are an international trading company with offices in
Japan, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, UAE, Africa, Russia, India
and Sweden.  We
are supplying sawn timber and sawlogs from siberia to Japan and Europe
and also logs
from European part of Russia to Sweden

We can offer the following from siberia:

Commodity       : Saw logs - Larchwood and Redpine
Length          : 4m, 6m and 8m
Standard        : 1,2 grade as per GOST
Diameter        : 18cm and up
(Normally the volume % is as follows:
        18cm - 20cm     around 5%
        22cm - 30cm     around 50%
        32cm and up     around 45%
This is based on our experience of shipments to Japan)

Please note that the quality and quantity measurements will be as per
Export GOST
22298-76. We are already supplying to sawmills in Hungary and Austria
from Siberia
and look forward to receiving your reply if you have interest.  We also
sawntimber larchwood natural moisture, rough squares, sawn only on both
sides etc.

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