Pepper Spray - Torture By Police

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Tue Nov 11 20:36:17 EST 1997

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> R Givens wrote:
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> > Patrick wrote:
> > > They were given the name eco terrorists because of the terrorists
> > > tactics they employ in the field against loggers and property owners.
> > 
> > ERREUR! Branding ecologically concerned people as extremists is a tactic
> > used by the slash and burn exploiters of the environment to distract
> > attention from their own sins.  Or maybe you think people like Hurowitz
> > are responsible "stewards" of the land (this history behind this term is
> > really ugly).
> That's your opinion
> > 
> > And what about the latest twist in the Judy Bari case. Some law enforcers
> > are so far off the beam that they blame the victim and let the perpetrator
> > go. Real proud police work there.  Explain?
> > R Givens
> Why don't we wait for the civil trial before any claims either way are
> made.
> Patrick

The fact that they've been granted a trial indicates that they must have
some pretty good evidence. It's very difficult to get a frivilous suit
against the cops into court. A person may be able to FILE frivilous suits,
but the judge will throw them out in the first hearing. People who sue for
police brutality have x-rays of broken bones and surgical records to prove

Rodney King wouldn't have got a nickle without that videotape because
there would have never been a criminal or civil trial either one. 

But you're right, let's wait and see. 
R Givens

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