there is no newsgroup for loggers + sawmills

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Wed Nov 12 04:33:10 EST 1997

Nick Ananin wrote:
> Mail traffic comes - it's like drug trafficking - you have to push a little
> until people get hooked.
> --
> Nick Ananin , Vision Forestry, Aberdeen, Scotland

At my recent timber showing I asked all the timber buyers what their
email address was. No responses. But then I started telling them what a
great advertising tool their web page would be and I hinted that since
there are not yet any lumberman web pages in the area, that the first
one will be considered very cool in the industry and a trend setter. So
I'm sure they'll all rush out and sign up. <G>

Heck, the guy who picks up the garbage in my apartment house has a web

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