forestry and the internet, especially email

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Wed Nov 12 06:45:16 EST 1997

Last year I had no clients with email that I was aware of.

Now I have almost a dozen.

I'm currently trying to close a deal on a timber sale. The landowner is
very, very much involved with the entire process and he and lawyer and
both have email.

I don't even yet have a contract signed and already there have been over
100 emails for just this one timber sale. Before the harvest is finished
I'm sure they will be another 100.

The ease of use of email has allowed such intimate involvement which
using the post office (snail mail) would take years to move that much
mail around and at far greater cost.

And yet, the other 2 parties to the harvest project, the
loggers/sawmills and the state forestry bureaucracy till don't do email.
The loggers are just now beginning to think about this- with my
constantly encouraging them. The state? They do have set up a WAN (wide
area network) to link all their offices in the great Commonwealth of
Massachusetts- but the WAN isn't linked to the net. So I have to waste a
lot of time trying to call them or waste paper faxing to them, then they
try to call me back and I'm not usually around. It's inconceivable to me
why ALL government agencies world wide don't have email. The cost is
trivial. I can only conclude the reason is ignorance by the leadership
and a desire for bureaucrats to NOT have such easy communication with
the public.

One way I'm going to encourage loggers/sawmills to get with the program
is that on my next REALLY GOOD timber sale, I'm going to only send a
prospectus to those who have email. Now I'd like to be able to tell the
state I'll only communicate with them via email, but I don't think that
would motivate them to run out and find an ISP. <G>

The Forestmeister

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