forestry and the internet, especially email

Jostnix jostnix at
Wed Nov 12 17:16:50 EST 1997

Joe writes:

>One way I'm going to encourage loggers/sawmills to get with the program
>is that on my next REALLY GOOD timber sale, I'm going to only send a
>prospectus to those who have email. 

Hope the landowner you are working for agrees with the e-mail policy<grin>.
Still I think that what you are saying is true and will compete with
snail-mail in the selling of timber.  Sales of stock, travel tickets, books
and on and on are making strong sales on the net.

Joe, could you possibly be the first forester to sell timber through a
newsgroup...sounds like your client may have had something to do with it. 
Let us know the results.

Steve Nix

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