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>> > Would you then have these "police officers" disrobe the dissidents
>> > and apply that chemical on and into their vaginas and anuses in order
>> > to obtain the "desired result"?
>> > In Texas they use hot lead.

>     If you check the Congressional Record during the 1970's you will
>find a report that alledges Mexican police did strip two young women
>detained by them and then used cattle prods to explore the areas you
>mentioned.  Our government objected to that treatment and its amounting
>to rape.
>     What really upsets me about this post though is that you said in
>Texas we use hot lead - would you care to give an example or are you
>trying to lump us in with those California wimps?  I will have you know
>that Texas men are quite capable of handling women without resorting to
>pepper spray as Californians apparently have to do.  One has to wonder
>what kind of men there are in California that would put up with someone
>doing that sort of thing to their women.  Do they consider their women
>so bad that they feel they are expendable or are they just unable to
>deal with them?

Gentlemen, gentlemen, 'tis all but a language misunderstanding.  I am
quite sure that the "In Texas they use hot lead" reference is mere stale
information.  Even as long ago as 1980s in Texas they used Agfa Compugrafic
equipment, and some of us manlier men -- why, desktop publishing outright.
Those were the frontier days... MacOs 6 and all that.  But I digress.

Woodsman states: Texas men are quite capable of handling women -- but
one has towonder, why is this so?  Can't they clean their own messes?
Why are they prodigiously importing not just handling women but also
cleaning women and farm-picking women and computer board
assemblywomen, not just from across the border but from neighboring
and farflug states.  Why, just the other day I spoke on the phone with
a Cleveland woman romance-bound for Texarkana.  Granted, that could
mean any number of states, but I am fairly certain she meant Texas...

There is no reason to argue as we do over which state is more capable
of handling women.  Illinois boasts quite a number of handling women,
and even the tiny Massachusetts, why, it was only very recently a site
of a national if not properly federal case involving a handling woman.

But I digress.

				-- Marek


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