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Thu Nov 13 18:52:18 EST 1997

Joseph the Bear writes:

> Mostly I work with the same "stable" of loggers/mills within about
>50 miles and there are about a dozen of those I like and trust.

The most sane thing I've heard you say in days..."Gumment" foresters get
killed by recommending a "stable" of loggers that we know will do a good job.

>Right now they're all running short of logs. 

Make 'em get e-mail

>It's looking good and the bidsare going to be opened Monday. I >won't
sleep until then.

Much Luck!!

> How about using a chat roomfor an auction??? ---- And over here >in the
corner of your Java window we have yaba, yaba, daba....

I'm game.  You set it up and we will have the first timber auction ever. 
This is within the realm of possibility...YouMayBeOnToSomething!!!!

I have'nt had this much fun since 4-H camp.
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