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I am it sure it must be a bit of a cold bath to some, especially those
who have no concept or sense of self or future, to read a quick few
lines about matters involving their responsibility to think for
themselves in a world that continues to head towards oblivion.

The originitaing post "Blinding Kids??!!" focused on fools, cowards, the
vile and the violent and the special greed that motivates them. It also
dwelt on the sad fact that the majority lack backbone and insight
sufficient to address severe societal problems, including humanity's
acceptance of the will and capacity to use nuclear and other weapons of
mass murder against fellow defenceless human beings.

Surely the moaners and whiners of this world understand that nothing
they do is of any consequence or meaning while they remain lost to the
lies that have them, even now, attempting to evade the crap that forms
the majority of their lives?

Surely they are not so lost to self-deception as to fail to understand
that millions of others do care about the continuing degradation of all
life about them?

Surely they understand that, measured against the insanity they wilfully
support, their few seconds of exposure to words that might wake them
should not provoke them to reply as they do? Unless, of course, their
emotional structure dictates their desire to remain in ignorance of the
world about them. In such event, I can appreciate their empty bitching.
But if so, surely their time is more important than to waste it
communicating their despondency? Or do people supporting societal
insanity simply gravitate to "control trip" mentalitys, the result of
which are public tears and a further waste of time?

R. Hanus, in a misc.survival post states  "It's incredible how much time
I waste
sorting through emotional response garbage looking for information I can

use."  Then, without any indication that he has ever posted to
alt.war.nuclear, he  hopes that someone will march in lock step to his
evident "control trip" ego.

It would seem, R. Hanus, that you have too much time on your hands. Do
review your sig line; do try to ignore how it relates to you. (And do
learn how to develop your information seeking skills. Due to such effort
you shall have immeasurably more time available to do that which you
enjoy doing best.)

Don Staples's sad commentary highlights a growing crescendo of careless
abandonment of any and all things having any relation to attempts to try
to slow society's boil in a pot of slime that has, for the most part,
sucked the very humanity out of most human beings.

He should, by virtue of his evident interest in agricultural and
forestry matters, appreciate the fact that others are trying to bring a
bit of sanity back into a world wherein most have abandoned reason.

The post "Blinding Kids??!!" has generated a lot of comment. Hidden
between the lines was a challenge to all to address their possession or
lack thereof of that small but so necessary ingredient for worthwhile
life . I call it  "humanity".

Should I, in truth, have erred, and wrongly believe that humanity is
worth the efforts with which I promote the still growing and now
worldwide tax refusal; should I then cease all such efforts and accept
offers from the shadiest among the rich to use my taxfree status in a
"special", but lawful manner to simply make a potful of money and watch
the world head towards an oblivion that will render everything humanity
has ever achieved totally worthless?

Were I  Don Staples or a Robin Hanus, or any other of a long list of
whiners, I might.  But I can not.  I choose to live. I choose  to
embrace life with a vigor and an energy that allows me to tell
governments that I live with full respect for the fact of my existence
as a human being; and that they, and all of their fools, judges,
lawyers, scofflaws and whores can do whatever it is they wish to the
whiners of this world.

I also, on a continuing basis, dare such offal to use their courts
should they find my attacks too oppressive. They will not. They are
cowards stuck at the bottom of the pot. The slime from which they hoped
to benefit keeps them glued to their fears and apprehensions that any
effort to challenge me in their courts will further strengthen my claim
that all have a right and duty to absolutely refuse to support societal

With my challenges, I  continue to communicate the moral imperative to

Should the synergys of exchange lead to some newsgroups being included
that, in truth, should have been avoided, so be it. The majority in such
news groups fall into two sectors. The first, from which the
participants in the growing tax refusal are now making themselves heard
with pointed, one word, ("ENOUGH!") memos to their governments. The
other, the whiners whose opinions are worth whatever others, including
similar whiners, wish to pay towards such opinion. (They won't be
mailing one word memos to their governments. As sheep, they'll be
sending taxes to help promote the growth of societal insanity.)

To a safer, saner world. To Duty.

Daniel J. Lavigne
Founder, Co-ordinator
International Humanity House
To Duty

What is one’s duty, when acknowledging a threat
That would destroy all beauty,
Even steal childrens’ breath?

Does therein lie evil in avoiding a way
That forces the matter, that builds to a day
When humanity shatters greed’s guilty ways?

Copyright. Daniel J. Lavigne, February 21/88
The Poet’s Soul Is Different, Formed By The Fires Of Life,
It Guides His Passions, Leads His Heart And Lives Forever!
Copyright. June 10, 1996 Daniel J. Lavigne

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