Blinding Kids??!!

hc23hc at hc23hc at
Fri Nov 14 02:07:35 EST 1997

John Reece wrote:
> > We were watching the same report. Fortunately, my TV is somewhat dated
> > and does not have a selective interpretation dispenser.
> Personally, I find it very difficult to assess the ages of the
> protestors I
> see on TV these days.  Most direct actions  don't seem to resemble
> Gandhi so
> much as they do a 3-year-old throwing a tantrum because
> Mommy didn't buy the right Happy Meal.

You mean like, Children McNuggets ??
They just don't make Ghandi Apples like they used to.

Today's environmental rapists call for today's kind of protest.
Either do something to help, or get used to it.

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