Logging on our National Forests

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Fri Nov 14 17:16:16 EST 1997

Don Baccus wrote:
> Likewise, timber policy.  I listen to those who have the political power,
> not the nice guys on the fringe who the power-holders ignore.
> Sorry, but the nice guys in the business haven't been invited to the party.
> And it's not the conservationists who shut them out...
> >jeez...cut back on the coffee, Don.   This is why we tried to split off
> >from this group. The guilty will be hoist on their own petard.
> Well, I wish you the best of luck.  The timber industry could use a revolution
> from within.

Dan Baccus and I disagree on procedures and methodology in many areas,
this is one I agree with him on.  The conservative foresters are on the
fringes, knowing what to do and never having the chance to do it.  To
make it worse, our south western and eastern lives are being dictated to
by what happens in the Pacific NW with regards to Federal policy and
procedure.  Once the middle of the road conservationist, The Baccus' and
the working foresters get together and form a stronger presence in the
forestry world, we can affect a change in the way of business.  But
there are other elements that will be affected  as well, we cannot
expect to change the management on fed property, without having  a kick
back in private.  The demands are shifting now for timber in the south,
highest prices for stumpage ever, and Private tracts are being cut to
the bone by "Company loggers" that care little about BMP's or SMZ's. 
What does your contract for harvest do to preserve the remaining stand,
or does it leave anything?

Vive la revolution!
Don Staples
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