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>They have a "Four Notch Wilderness Area" of about 4000 acres that was a
>bare stump patch in 1935.  Like many another definition, it all depends
>on who says what, how or when.  I don't put much credit in the Texas
>variety of environmentalist when they talk about "wilderness".  For that
>matter, I personnally doubt if there is any real true wilderness left in
>this county, remote country, sure, Old growth timber sure, and I hope we
>keep both for the next generations, but wilderness?

Don't know about Texas, but I have no problem thinking of much of the
West as wilderness.  Wilderness has never meant "never visited by
human beings", nor has it necessarily meant the unknown.  Modern
wilderness is certainly not unknown, but actually there are large
chunks which are rarely, if ever, visited by people.  I'm relatively
certain that the range on which I band hawks each fall gets no more
than a couple dozen visitors (other than our site) per year in an area
of at least 50 square miles.  And that's probably an exaggeration.
We discovered the remains of a man who'd committed suicide about
1/2 mile from our site, on a ridge overlook, about 50 years ago.
He'd lain there all those years undiscovered, and it could've been
centuries if it weren't for the fact that the ridge was explored
for raptor migration in the early 1970s and turned out to be the
hottest spot in the West.

As far as "the hand of man" issues, the upper reaches of this range
have never been grazed, at least those parts without water (most
of it).  Never timbered.  Never mined - why do you think the BLM
is willing to recommend it for wilderness status?  None of those
interests care because it has no "value".  

(actually, the wilderness study area status has been a pain in the ass
because the Nevada Sierra Club - still operating in the stone age regarding
conservation - has been trying to run our project off the mountain, never
mind that it is by far the best site to develop the kind of baseline
data needed for raptor conservation in the entire West).

>The term has been misused so long that even mother nature couldn't tell
>you what is, or isn't.
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