Russia etc.

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sat Nov 15 06:01:32 EST 1997

Citlali Cortes wrote:

> Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> > It's a big world out there- it seems that the internet hasn't reached
> > a
> > critical mass yet outside the English speaking countries.
> I disagree!! i don't know the statistics for México, but I do keep in
> touch with people from South America and Europe using Spanish. And the
> language common to the countries that are "under" and below the Rio
> Bravo is not English (as it is not the "first" language in many of the
> US states and many countries in the continent).
> Saludos desde el Sur

I stand corrected and am guilty of being an English language chauvinist.

Perhaps the language of the internet should be Esperanto that language
invented decades ago, but which never caught on.

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