Has anyone ever thought of this?

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Sat Nov 15 05:49:20 EST 1997

Citlali Cortes wrote:
> Charles R. Hunter wrote:
> > Why don't all the people who are concerned with the cutting of trees
> > get together in a group, or even in many small groups and buy up
> > property. Knock down whatever buildings are on the property
> > and plant as many trees as you possibly can.
> Forests are complex ecosystems that support an intrincated network of
> lifestyles (human and non-human). A tree plantation is not a forest, and
> neither is a park, nor an arboretum. Forests are not "made" or "planted"
> by humans.
> And, by the way, forests have been "inconveniently" owned and well
> managed by communitites -that now the academics describe as
> "traditional"- for centuries. Invaders (colonialists, that is) have
> taken over the rights of use of the land and have imposed their
> unsustainable natural resource management.

And it's amazing how the invaders have such sophisticated
rationalization for their crimes against mankind. For more on just how
cruel, violent, and barbaric the victors have been, read Howard Zinn's
history, "The People's History of the United States", but you need a
strong stomach to read this book. It will make you sick.

> Deforestation is not a simple phenomenon, therefore, solutions to it
> can't be simple.
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