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The following is an update from the National
Office regarding its activities for the past
week. Chapter Chairs please distribute this
information to your chapter members.  This is
Update is being transmitted by electronic mail
to all ACF members who have electronic mail
capabilities.  If you are currently receiving
this via fax and would like to receive it via
email, please send the national office an
electronic message stating so.  If you know of
ACF members who have email, let them know that
this service is now available from the ACF.

Activities for this week:

   Gulf Region Conference Call
 On Monday, the Gulf Region held its
 Quarterly Conference Call.  A summary of the
 call is being distributed via fax to all
 chapter chairs and the Executive Committee.

   National Research Committee Bill Passes Both
    Houses of Congress
 In the dead of night, both the Senate and
 the House approved a bill that will allow
 the National Research Committee to work
 under the cloak of secrecy.  This bill
 provides the NRC and the National Academy of
 Sciences the protection from federal
 Sunshine act laws that allow citizens to
 know what is going on in government.  This
 effectively exempts the organizations from
 the Freedom of Information Act.  All members
 are encouraged to write their Senators and
 Representatives and chastise them for
 enabling a quasi-government agency the
 ability to sway public opinion without
 public scrutiny.

   Newsletter published
 The November Issue of the ACF was finished
 up this week and will be distributed to all
 members next week.

   Response to NRC Non-Federal Lands Report
    being prepared
 In response to the voluminous (206 pages)
 report released late last week, the ACF is
 preparing strategy to respond to the report
 and its contents.  Copies have been obtained
 and are being distributed to all Chapter
 Chairs.  They are being distributed unbound
 so that copies can be made for additional
 distribution.  The NRC is planning a special
 interest group briefing for November 20.
 Members of the press and the forestry
 community are invited to attend the special

This concludes this update.
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