Has anyone ever thought of this?

Citlali Cortes ccortes at
Thu Nov 13 12:02:09 EST 1997

Charles R. Hunter wrote:

> Why don't all the people who are concerned with the cutting of trees
> get together in a group, or even in many small groups and buy up
> property. Knock down whatever buildings are on the property
> and plant as many trees as you possibly can.

Forests are complex ecosystems that support an intrincated network of
lifestyles (human and non-human). A tree plantation is not a forest, and
neither is a park, nor an arboretum. Forests are not "made" or "planted"
by humans.

And, by the way, forests have been "inconveniently" owned and well
managed by communitites -that now the academics describe as
"traditional"- for centuries. Invaders (colonialists, that is) have
taken over the rights of use of the land and have imposed their
unsustainable natural resource management.

Deforestation is not a simple phenomenon, therefore, solutions to it
can't be simple.

Saludos desde el SUR-Greetings from the SOUTH.

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