Black Cherry stumpage

Don Staples dstaples at
Sat Nov 15 19:31:54 EST 1997

Ron Wenrich wrote:
All veneer has spurts like that, remember the $35,000.00 walnut sold
several years back?  I got $.50 a foot for yellow pine last week, now
that impressed me!  A result of NFS shuting down logging in NF by court
order, prices jumped, foresters income jumps, loggers pissed, mills
pissed.  Foresters happy.

> Veneer buyer came by and bought a cherry log for $900.  Right around
> $12/bf, so the logger said.
> Rumor has it that cherry is selling between $2 & $3/bf on the stump in the
> northern tier counties of PA.  Anyone want to speculate about the quality
> of forest management going on in that area?

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