The Timber Market...An Interview!

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Sun Nov 16 15:14:24 EST 1997

Most of you in bionet.agroforestry have talked to Ron Wenrich.  Ron knows
the timber market and has an ability to make this very complicated subject
much clearer.

Ron will address this subject in two parts in an interview I did with him
last week...The first part is now on my "In The Spotlight" section at 

I maintain Alabama's statewide timber buyer listing and have a collection
of historical timber prices in same state.  I get most of the calls in to
the Alabama Forestry Commission on the timber market and related conditions.

With this interview, I now can give people a very reasonable explaination
on the US timber market.  It is just as appropriate in Alabama as it is in
Ron's home state of Pennsylvania.

Thanks for the information, Ron.

Steve Nix, Forestry Guide
The Mining Company
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