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> > Which ones do you like best, and why?
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>  What ever mill you buy, if a band mill, buy the optional
> saw sharpening setup.  Save you money in the long run. 

As long as you don't count in your time and initial investment.  Bands run
$10-12.  A sharpener costs $3500, and you can get about 7 sharpenings
before the band is Elvis.  Best to send them out to be sharpened. 
Woodmizer does it, as well as several locals.  Even after its sharpened by
a "professional" doesn't mean it will cut well.

>You can get in the saw mill business from anywhere from $10,000 up,
> depending on what you add to the basics.

At that price, you'll have some pretty shoddy equipment, usually antiques
past their prime.  Although, a good stationary handmill can be bought for
that price.  But lifting those logs onto the headblocks is a real


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