congratulations bionet.agroforestry

Michael Hagen mhagen at
Sun Nov 16 17:45:19 EST 1997

Seems only a few months ago there was little worth reading and a lot of
moaning about the low population of this group. Times have changed! Now
we've got alt.forestry for wide ranging discussions and daily posts have
at least tripled for bionet.agroforestry.

With the additional "space" I had hoped for more input from the agro
foresters. I know you're out there. Don't feel left out when those
"dirt" foresters start goring each other and raising dust. Just move
over to alt.forestry and hog some of their space.

Recruitment of government foresters may come when we've got something
worthwhile for them; such as fresh log prices or answers to legal
environmental questions. The ELI listserv (environmental law review) for
example, has hundreds of subscribers and can field a dozen complex
wetland jurisdiction questions a day. When last I looked only a few
computers in the local forest service office were even PC's. Nearly all
were Data Generals, which are not only 15 years out of date but can only
be hooked to the Net with difficulty. And the IS people have their hands
full running the antiques. We may have to wait for their budgets to
catch up with modern computing.

Anyhow, the group is looking pretty healthy!

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