Bill to end logging on federal lands introduced to congress HR 2789

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sun Nov 16 19:48:50 EST 1997

Greg Rose wrote:
> Jostnix (jostnix at wrote:
> : >Personally, I'd rather live then than now. The continent of North
> : >America was a wildlife paradise.
> : Hot damn Joe, you are such a romantic.
> Actually Joe is one of the more level headed types I've seen.
> : They had a 35 year life span, corn and tubers to eat (probably right up
> : your alley),
> You're wrong.  You obviously don't know diddly about pre-Columbian
> Native Americans.  The 35 year life span is a complete falsehood.
> The fact is, if a pre-Colombian Native American lived passed his
> 5th birthday, then he had a good chance to live every bit as long
> as anyone alive today does.  It's the high number of childhood
> deaths that brought the whole average down.
> : a dependance on mother nature for sustainance,
> We don't depend on mother nature for sustenance now?  Pray tell what do
> we depend on for sustenance?
> : the arts via
> : pottery,
> And many other methods too.  Ever seen any Southwest Indian sand art?
> Or Pacific NW Indian carvings and totems?
> : no NPR, no National Endowment for the Arts.
> I don't listen to NPR or ever go anywhere near anything sponsered by
> the NEA.  In fact, I'd like to see the NEA abolished.  But whatever,
> you don't need the White Man's version of culture to have a culture.
> OK buddy?
> [snippage of the supposed benefits of living in our modern western
> civilized culture as opposed to other cultures, which is really just
> a statement of cultural bigotry]
> : Love to see you survive with the natives.  Your complaining would lead to
> : your execution...
> We've already seen you're full of baloney and this last statement of yours
> is yet another.
> greg rose

Well, I had a feeling I'd get more agreement with my thinking in
rec.backcountry, more so that that darn redneck group
bionet.agroforestry. <G>

Earlier in the history of this thread I added bionet.agroforestry and
alt.forestry, and I see in Greg's message they are gone so I'm putting
them back, as I like to see some cross fertilization between the
ecofreaks and the redneck timber beasts. <G>

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