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: Greg Rose wrote:
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: > So much surplus protein and fat were available to their diet (from
: > salmon, whales and candlefish) that they were able to create cultural
: > events called potlatches just so they could give all their excess
: > stuff away.  (And thereby gain prestige and become great chiefs.)

: Maybe Bill Gates wil do a Potlach.

I hope I get invited if he does!

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: > They lived quite well I can assure you.  The anthropological evidence is
: > conclusive.  Bones of Native Americans dug up from pre-Columbian times
: > generally show individuals who were well fed, healthy, strong and
: > not at all the picture of some malnourished, barely scraping along
: > type that some would have us believe.

: I'm sure they were much healthier and happier than the serfs and early
: industrial workers of the white race and probably more so than most
: "modern" people. 

As a matter of fact they were.  The majority of the European diet in
pre-Columbian times was from cereal grains.  They had very little
in the way of meat in their diet as it was just too expensive to
produce and all the significant game had long since been hunted to
extinction.  With the exception of the Meso-Americans most pre-Columbian
native americans had a diet high in protein and fat which they got from
extensive game and fish resources.  The extra protein and fat that
they had available from animal sources made them big and strong
and really quite healthy.  Diseases associated with malnutrition
were virtually unknown in most parts of the Americas.  Again, there
are some notable exceptions where some of the natives did have to
suffer through seasonal times of surplus and then sparseness.
Comparisons of the bones of individuals from pre-Columbian Europe
vs. the Americas show that the Native Americans were generally
much healthier and stronger than their European counterparts.

To find a time when Europeans were that big and strong you'd have to
go back to pre-christian times when game of a comparable sort could
have been found in Europe.  As a matter of fact, the biggest and
strongest Europeans that ever lived were those who were alive about
30,000 years ago and lived on a diet of wooly mammoths, mastodons,
and other large game creatures which supplied a very healthy diet
of protein and fat.  The **average** European male at that time
was 6 feet tall.  Europeans have never been that big since they
converted to the surplus agricultural lifestyle with domesticated
animals at the end of the last Ice Age.

And it's no coincidence that modern day Americans, with a diet that
is rich in animal proteins, are some of the biggest people on the

greg rose

(A dedicated meat eater.)

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