USA capital gains tax on timber

Don Staples dstaples at
Mon Nov 17 12:16:46 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Don Staples wrote:
> > It's back, it's different, get an accountant to work your client, I am
> > as confused as you, and I took a short course!
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> > Don Staples
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> > My Ego Stroke:
> Well, I have discovered that you can get from the US Printing Office the
> "Agricultural Handbook #708", "Forest Landowners Guide to the Fed.
> Income Tax- Oct. 1995" by calling 202-512-1800 and paying $10.
> The Completely burned out timber beast, who is spinning in circles as a
> "facilitator" amongst landowners, loggers, sawmills, burros, lawyers,
> and others who all have a stack in this transaction. Kinda like trying
> to bring about peace in the Middle East. <G> And for such skills I get
> to live in a slum apartment house. <G>

Typical, US up to date with 1995 Income Tax.  Are you going to talk
about your timber opening, or keep us in suspense?  And, what happened
to that little shack on Waldon Pond?

Don Staples
UIN 4653335

My Ego Stroke:

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