USA capital gains tax on timber

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Mon Nov 17 12:29:56 EST 1997

Don Staples wrote:

> It's back, it's different, get an accountant to work your client, I am
> as confused as you, and I took a short course!
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> Don Staples
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Well, I have discovered that you can get from the US Printing Office the
"Agricultural Handbook #708", "Forest Landowners Guide to the Fed.
Income Tax- Oct. 1995" by calling 202-512-1800 and paying $10.

The Completely burned out timber beast, who is spinning in circles as a
"facilitator" amongst landowners, loggers, sawmills, burros, lawyers,
and others who all have a stack in this transaction. Kinda like trying
to bring about peace in the Middle East. <G> And for such skills I get
to live in a slum apartment house. <G>

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