The Timber Market...An Interview!

Jostnix jostnix at
Mon Nov 17 11:38:46 EST 1997

>Steve, if only my state forestry people would do what you've done with
>your very informative web site! In fact I'm a gonna cc: this message to
>my very own state Chief Forester, Warren Archey.

<Blushing> Thanks, Joe.  If it wasn't for Rons agreeing this could not
have happened.  And don't think you are off the hook somewhere down the
line.  I need a spotlight on "Waldon Pond and its Influence on Trout
Fishing and American Forestry".

And I need to emphasize that my TMC web site is my own project, done at
home, and not sanctioned by the Alabama Forestry Commission (AFC).  It
would not be fair to compare what has been done here to other states.  The
AFC is allowing me to use this as another tool in my bag of tricks to get
the job done and the word out.

Again, thanks for you kind words.


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