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Mon Nov 17 07:43:37 EST 1997

Don Staples wrote:
> Jostnix wrote:
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> >  Don Staples <dstaples at> writes:
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> > >Make it a landowners association for this power, or a state consulting
> > >group (ACF?), but not the burros,
> >
> > Yeah,RIGHT Don...Keep the weasels in the chicken pen (using an animal
> > analogy).  They will take care of the assets..
> >
> We consultants would not like the state weasels looking at our
> performance any more than they are, landowner weasels, or our own
> weasels, fine.  State types lack practical back ground and usually have
> little or no practical field experience, there calls are from the text
> book and not from work. I fought their weasel control for 7 years as a
> vendor, before I and the rest of the consultants threw in the towel.
> Now, the vendor work is done by non-foresters, generally, with only one
> or two consultants still in the vendor business.  And this is in free
> wheeling Texas, last bastion of free enterprise.
> --
> Don Staples
> My Ego Stroke:

What I have learned to do with regard to state "overseers" is to play
the game, let them think I really think they have something to
contribure. If they suggest modifications to a cutting plan (sometimes
their ideas are actually good) I just say, OK, and make the change
unless it's a rediculous change. Then if something were to go wrong as a
result, I have documented those changes and all my contacts with the
state, so they'll bear some responsibility. Rather than resist, it's
easier to just consider the "oversight" as a form of friction- a kind of
"overhead" that has to be paid- like giving money to the mafia in a
protection racket- which in a way is what this is- just pay and then
they dissapear. Does this sound cynical? Yup, it is.

But it depends a lot on where you live in Mass. Some state "overseers"
are very good and so the time and cost to placate them is bearable. In
other counties, some of the state people are little Hitlers. Recently
one of the little Hitlers, liked by nobody including his peers, was
kicked upstairs, to get rid of him. <G>

It's amazing the Machivellian politics that goes on in the state agency;
but I won't go any further with this at this time; I could write a book
on the subject. But I was once threatened by a state attorney because I
criticized some "higher ups". Libel suit, the lier... lawyer said... but
then I got my state rep who grew up next to me involved and that put an
end to the problem. <G> After all, I had read Machivelli's "The Prince"
in college. You know, like the way Patton had read Rommel's book.

Der Forestmeister

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