USA capital gains tax on timber

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Mon Nov 17 15:17:04 EST 1997

Don Staples wrote:

> Typical, US up to date with 1995 Income Tax.  Are you going to talk
> about your timber opening, or keep us in suspense?  And, what happened
> to that little shack on Waldon Pond?

I won't know for a few more hours about the bids. Lots of lose ends
still wrapping up.

Walden? Oh, but that was my in my previous life as H.D.T.

About 25 years ago I was cruising from the western side of Mass. to
Boston and Cape Cod for various reasons, and on the way back I decided
to check out Walden. At that time there was no special road signs or
anything indicating that there was something special about the pond. I
walked around it and couldn't find my guru's shack, I'm sure it's long
gone, but I thought somebody would at least mark the spot. I think in
recent years the town has finally decided to make something of the place
with signs and maybe something at the shack's location, but I haven't
been back. At one point about 15 years ago a developer was going to
build a zillion condos on the place. Imagine! Like building condos in
Mecca. I think the pond is now protected.

Have you looked at a US map and seen how small Mass. is compared to
Texas? You could fit about 20 Mass. in just the panhandle of Texas.

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