Bill to end logging on federal lands introduced to congress HR 2789

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Mon Nov 17 20:20:12 EST 1997

David Deutsch (Gondwana Gardens) wrote:

> "nosy, preachy, busybody fundamentalists" this very day are still
> neighbors to a lot of people (not to mention, Congress-people, police
> chiefs, etc.), otherwise schoolboards wouldn't still be debating in this
> day and age whether or not science classes should be teaching that the
> universe was created in 7 days, a mere six or seven thousand years ago.
> Nowadays, in our re-emerging theocracy and fading democracy (in the USA,
> but the trend is worldwide...see Iran, Israel, Afghanistan and Algeria),
> it is not entirely safe, and you must be careful what you say as it is
> not "politically correct" to even hint anything negative about those who
> are "spiritually enhanced." Someone may be watching, and taking notes.

Well, some of believe in the first amendment and thus say anything we
want and the hell with those that don't like it. <G>

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