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Michael Hagen mhagen at
Tue Nov 18 12:01:22 EST 1997

Serious woops:  TFW means "Timber, Fish, Wildlife agreement".  Folks
were pretty proud of it after all the shouting was done. It's still in
effect along with "watershed analysis" but there's a very new move by
the state Dept of Fish & Wildlife which will confuse everyone. It will
probably be an addition to present TFW rules.

 WDF&W policy is changing (at long last!) to support wild runs of
salmonids, as opposed to hatchery based runs. It's funny what a whiff of
LISTING will do to concentrate ones attention. This is only about six
months into the public comment part but is looking like a compromise has
been reached between the Tribes and the Dept. over hatchery phase out.
You might remember, here Tribes own half of all harvestable fish. So
they have a say in anything which will affect their incomes and that
goes as far as keeping a certain amount of hatchery production going
until wild species show some recovery. At least that's my take on what's
going on.

 Now the tie in to timber:  Buffer strips were always pretty minimal
here. Without going into the reasons, even after TFW, they only got a
little bit better. (This is not federal land, where the buffers are
indistingushable from the harvest unit!) Along with pasing out hatchery
stocking, new no cut buffers will be one to 2.5 times the length of a
dominant species site tree, depending on the size/type of waterway. And
these will be checked, you betcha.

Time to switch over to riparian forestry guys! 

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Very interesting Mike.
> This is what is so great about the net. We can discuss REALITY. If any
> forestry students read this stuff they'll see what's really out there
> facing them.
> How could they EVER know about this stuff by what's taught to them in
> forestry school?
> Form what I've seen in this newsgroup, things are pretty much the same
> from Mass. to Texas to Washington.
> I think these discussions are invaluable; too bad it's only certain
> sectors of the industry that speak up. Until the others show up, the
> circle isn't complete.

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