The debate

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Nov 18 12:32:25 EST 1997

Don Staples wrote:

> There is a Great Rift Valley between state and private, giving one side
> regulatory authority over the over requires a hell of a lot of bridge
> building.
> --

Nobody doing gov. regulation, any kind of regulation, in any gov. should
have less than 10 years experience doing that which they are going to be

My local burro .... I mean State Service Forester is proably the best in
Mass. because he grew up in a logging/sawmill family. He's a stickler
over details but he's a "regular guy" so he gets his job done while
ruffling the fewest feathers. Others in the state, especially if they
have a masters degree think of themselves as God's Gift to Forestry, and
they ain't got a clue- they do ruffle feathers- and that results in too
much friction in the industry- not in the public's interest, all things

Despite my flaming against burros, I don't mind if they are experienced
and well trained, because I am also an environmentalist. Regulation is
not necessarily evil, but it must be done professionally.

One young burro buck, right out of school... I met him on a site to
discuss our difference of opinions. He was wearing a brand new uniform
which made him look like a colonel in the marines. He picked up his
Biltmore stick, pointed it into the words and said, "Follow me!" I stood
there and couldn't believe it. This guy thought he was he was Napolean.
Then he led me to where I marked some firewood. He pointed to a 4" beech
I marked and said, "why did you incorrectly mark this young sugar maple
for cutting????" Just imagine how reacted to this! I won't go into
details... I'll leave it to your imagination. <G>

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