Has anyone ever thought of this?

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Tue Nov 18 10:19:55 EST 1997

ForestFair wrote:
>  HUN60 at webtv.net (Timothy Hunley) wrote on Nov. 16:
> >
> >Nothing happens to land without the willing consent of those in control of
>  it----Follow the money trail.
> > My 1 & 1/2 cents worth'
> Not always true, as anyone who has experienced a timber theft will tell you!
>   (My 2 cents worth)
> By the way, does anyone maintain a website with listings of known timber
>  thieves?
> ForestFair at aol.com
No, not that I know of, and even in the Texas, it takes an act of
congrees to even get the state boys to tell you if a particular
individual is legitimate or not.  Timber theft is one of the last free
wheeling parts of the forest industry, no one but land owners and
foresters want to see prosecution.  And prosecution is very difficult.
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