Texas: was USA capital gains tax on timber

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Wed Nov 19 00:35:02 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin wrote:

> I drove across the panhandle of Texas once and it looked as empty as the
> landscape in that movie. Never saw a tree. It's so empty as to be spooky
> to someone like me always surrounded by wooded hills. Hard to believe
> there were once a zillion buffalo out there. Instead I saw the sparse
> cattle ranches, with the fence lines going off to the horizon and very
> few cattle. So I thought that this is what all of Texas looked like.

Yup, we all have horses, run cows, mend fence, take a break for tofu and
a nice chablis, then back to the range.  A ride across the pan handle
takes you back in time.  The antelope have returned, deer, pheasant,
badger, praire dogs, all but the buffaloe.  Out in Colorado (Texas
North) a couple of years ago in early spring, mountain goats down in the
lower hills because of snow cover, I have been in Colorado off and on
all my life, and this was the first time to see the goats, also so many
antelope east of the front range that I stopped being impressed.  Nature
recovers, if given a chance and a hand, now and then.  It will never be
like Before The White Man, but it can be very good.

Speaking of which.  Deer lease hunters this year reported a sighting of
a cougar, in east Texas where there are none,so they are not protected. 
I threatened all hunters with a shallow grave if they killed a cougar on
property I manage.  I have been out with camera and microphone to
capture the critter.  No luck, but I have photos of the one I did see
several years ago in the near vicinity of this one, we seem to have a
viable population.
Don Staples

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